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Random Fire


16 September 1987
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The going joke is that there is no movie I haven't seen, or band I haven't heard of. It's a bit exaggerated, but really that's what I strive for, the ability to chime into any conversation. The other going joke is that my house is the "underground" house. As in the DVDs, and CDs, mostly DVDs, that can be found within are generally one of a kind, and that you are bound to find one of each that you have never even heard of. I take this as a complement, because I really hate mainstream popular crap. I don't hate it because it's mainstream, I hate it because it sucks, and everyone loves it.

A little deeper: I really used to think I was the punkest kid on the block. I really like punk, and everything about punk, but I've come to realize that there is no way to limit myself to being Punk. I like punk, but I also like Metal, and industrial. Metal and Punk go well together, but many other musics conflict with them, and so my love for music reigns over any genre. I love it all, there really isn't a whole lot out there that I don't like. Though I'm not a fan of most mainstream crap, I also can say that there is some stuff out there that really is good, it's just a matter of wading through the crap. Music is art, art has purpose, therefore music without purpose is wasted. The only music I really hate is music with no meaning, also known as EMO. I let it slide for a while, but now I really just think it's utterly useless. But then again, my prejudices like to shift around couple years back it was Xbox I was busy hating, now I own one, but that's because the PS3 is a pile of crap. See that, SHIFTING prejudice.

Remember kids, Start Your Brain, and Do the Sinister!