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Nov. 15th, 2009

I finally gots me a new phone. I was able to keep all my contact info this time around though. ended up getting the LG enV3. I was thinking of getting the HTC droid eris, but it seemed worthless without upgrading to a data plan as well, and I really did not want that. This is really all I had to say.

2 weeks, busy busy busy!

Been away for a while, and so much has happened.

I've been a really busy body for the past two weeks.

Summary: Tekken 6 (Sometimes I wish my summary ended here), Washington, my cousin's wedding shower (ick!), a new D&D group, *Rufus' 24th birthday,* the washening, Tyler's 21st birthday, my cousin's wedding getting sick, Jory and Maika's wedding rehearsal, Jory and Maika's wedding.

What exactly have I been up to? There's quite a lot.Collapse )

Today: I wake up at around 11:30, play some kingdom of loathing, play some Tekken, listen to some music and post about everything I've done in the last two weeks. Still sick by the way. Gonna go get a new phone today hopefully.
Seems like every time I run into someone I haven't seen in a while, they always ask me how long I'm in town. A few awkward comments I find that they think I moved away. So to clear up this confusion, that I'm not sure how was generated in the first place, I have not moved away.

I am still living at home, where I have always lived, and I don't plan on moving away any time soon.

Okay, now that, that is out of the way I can go to sleep.

anime search again.

Sick. bleh. ran out of things to do.

I don't know how the majority of people feel about the Anime "Darker Than Black", but personally, it's one of my absolute favorites. While fighting off this soul crushing head-ache, I found it soothing to watch something, and keep my mind off of the subject. I had decided that I needed to re-watch Darker than Black today. There is one problem I have with the series, and it's that the main character Hei is on a journey of self discovery, and he doesn't really discover until the series is over, which makes one want more. The end of the series always made me sad, because it seemed like they'd never make more of it. I find it odd, that I watched the entire series today, only to wish for more, and also only today discovered that they are currently releasing a second series of Darker than Black. I am very, very excited for this news, and to make it better, a couple of fansubbing groups have already picked it up.

Speaking of anime, this past season was not so good. FMA Brotherhood, has mostly been nothing new. Roy Mustang is even more awesome, and Lin is pretty cool, but that's about it. Sengoku Basara, while awesome, ending at 12 episodes, two of which I still haven't seen, was all in all a bit to short lived. 07-ghosts was just plain asexual, or according to dattebayo, homosexual. In the 25 episodes that have been aired so far, nothing has progressed, and Teito is almost as indecisive, whiny, and bitchy as Shinji, which absolutely wrecked Evangelion for me, and is no different here. Add in all the love and brotherhood overtones, which squinting at almost makes it into a gay hentai, makes for a soppy, boring, and on the verge of annoying, show.

This season looks good though, So far, Darker than Black: Gemini of the meteor, and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood are on the list. I'm checking out Fairy Tail, and hoping to check out Aoi Bungaku, as no groups have announced that they are subbing Aoi Bungaku the possibility is looking bleak. We'll have to wait and see though.

*edit* The first episode of Fairy Tail was pretty lame. The storyline seemed to be lacking making it seem like one of those macho Dragonball Z kind of fighting nonsense animes, but the fight scene was very half-assed, shot in a way that you miss all the action, and quite repetitive. Overall it just feels like most of the first episode is filler, and you could watch the last five minutes without missing anything. I went into it expecting something like Soul Eater, and came up with something more like One-Piece. I probably won't be watching anymore of it.


I've been so happy lately. I can't really describe it. My job is going downhill, and with it, my income, but I don't seem to care. I hear good news all around me, but it seems that my closest friends have only bad news. Nothing seems to be bothering me currently. I sure am tired though, I could do with a nap. I fell asleep while I was writing this entry.

My birthday is in two days, and I'm probably not doing anything special for it. I have D&D this Saturday, my mom is making me dinner on Sunday, and the day of I'm going out to dinner with the family. That leaves Friday, so what should I do on Friday?
Yesterday was bad. I'm still not exactly sure what happened.
Jory calls me around six, and asks me if I want to hang out, and informs me that everyone is at Maggie's at the moment. I get distracted by dinner and end up not leaving for some time. I call Jory back right before I leave to make sure that they are still at Maggie's and to let him know what is taking me. I drive out there, and knock on the door to Maggie's apartment. No response. I ring and knock again to no avail. I call Jory's phone twice, and receive no answer. I go, sit in my car for about five minutes and then I get pissed off and drive home. About ten minutes after I get home, Dan calls me, and for some reason I am unable to contain my anger, and proceed to yell at Dan, which was uncalled for. Dan tells me that they were at the swimming pool and that would be why I couldn't find them or reach Jory on his phone. I stand in silence for a few minutes, not knowing exactly what to say to that, and then I tell him that I'll talk to him later, he says wait why, and I hang up on him. Jory calls me a bit later, and acts as if Dan had not said a thing to him, and I'm almost certain he did. So I, a little more calmly this time, explain to Jory that when I got there they weren't there, and that it would have been nice to know that they were at the swimming pool. He then explains to me that he thought I knew that they were swimming, and I'm not sure how the hell I would know that if he was the only one of them that I had talked to that day. Then he asks me if I'm coming over or not, so I tell him, I've got sand in my vagina, and that I'm just going to chill out. I realize that yelling at Dan for what Jory did was misplaced rage, and that I owe him an apology.

Now I wasn't having the best of a day up until that point, and right then I was thinking that Jory was being inconsiderate, but now I really think I was overreacting. Honestly why the hell was I such an asshole? In a sense I was stood up, but it was an accident.

Bleh. Anyway, I have reclaimed my computer from Mark and moved it into my room. I'm using my TV as a monitor. I'm still working out all the little kinks. Things seem to be working out.

Playing D&D tonight, and I've got some apologies to hand out, so I'm off now.

She's a lot, a lot like a robot.

So, I've been trying to get in touch with Chii. Thus far I have had absolutely no luck. The most recent news that I have heard was that her family was moving to draper. I have heard nothing since. So put the word out, I'm looking for her, and if anyone has any way of contacting her, or even bumps into her, get at me, and I would greatly appreciate it.
So, I decided on taking the job. I was going to start next Monday, but it got bumped down to this Tuesday. Things are moving crazy fast, and I'm having a hard time keeping up. To put it short: I'm tired. Really tired.

Jul. 1st, 2009

Today I was driving. I was driving to go pick up Jory, and we were going to hang out, and it was going to be awesome. While I was driving to go pick up Jory, I encountered about fifty motorcycle cops, that were escorting seven school buses, and they were escorting them in a fashion that one might expect when you see seven buses full of convicts, and they seemed like they were coming from Brighton high school. Strange, I thought. Then after I had picked up Jory while we were driving around, my old boss called me, and offered me a job. Crazy. After that, Jory and I decided we were going to drive by Brighton to see if anything was going on, and after finding nothing I said, "if weird things happen in threes, what do you suppose the next thing will be?". Turns out the next weird thing was that we encountered the same seven school buses and fifty cops, again. This time I got a better look at it, as it was coming from the opposite direction, rather than being in front of me. As it appears the school buses were full of kids, and they looked about old enough to be sophomores this year. Come to think of it, we probably should have checked out whatever middle school that was down the road too.

I'm not sure if I'm going to take the job offer. I mean, on one hand, I really don't care to go back into machining, and on the other hand, I really do need a job. Also, if I wanted to go back to school this fall like I was planning on, it'd almost be perfect, what with them being so lenient on what hours I take and all that.
I'm excited. Very excited. It's official, Kyle is moving back to Utah. He's moving back in with his mom some time within the next week. Hopefully this time around I'll actually get to know Kyle. In the past it's always been a rather vague and strange relationship. I'm not entirely against it staying that way, but really when he was in town last time I had a really good time. I very much enjoy good times thank you very much, and having good times has been quite a low lately.

I found The Maxx animated series online today. Awesome, now I don't have to bust out the VHS to watch it anymore. Makes me want to reread the comics again.